Tale as Old as Time

Back in those days my life was so serene and fine, suddenly, lo and behold, you came along and changed the game drastically. We met in the most dreamy, fairytale kind of way, and I hated it because it has instilled in my mind that you are my Prince Charming and that one day, just maybe, I can be your Princess. You are loved by everyone. I became one of that everyone. But little did I know that I would be that one who will love you the most.. among everyone. Days, weeks, months passed – I’ve worked so hard to become that Princess. I wore gowns I didn’t want, wore crown in my head that I didn’t feel like wearing, acted like a fine lady, all of it just to fit in your world and be able to go inside your castle. And somehow, I was able to get in to, a bit. Head over heels, I was happy. I loved you so much, I still do now anyway. You were my happy pill and my knight in shining armor. I have always believed we are match made in heaven until one day, I just learned you weren’t looking for a Princess. You had your Servant and that person is all you need. My world was shattered. My heart was broken into pieces. My self worth was crushed. I stopped pretending like a Princess I really wasn’t and just went back to being a Damsel in distress that I really was. For quite some time, I walked away. I wanted to forget, but my feelings for you just got stronger each time I wasn’t seeing you. So I went back to the castle again, this time as a damsel. But unfortunately, your castle was now guarded with thick brick walls I couldn’t destroy, I couldn’t climb. You have completely shut the whole world outside and just stayed in your castle with your beloved Servant. I tried my best to get in but I realized, it’s not worth it anymore. Even if I’d be able to go inside, I’ll just see the Prince Charming and the Servant, it won’t change the fact that he doesn’t love me and he loves somebody else. My Prince, my love, if you only know the strength of my love for you… you’d be astonished. I can move mountains for you. I’ll get the moon and the stars for you, but the thing is you don’t want to. You are my whole world but your Servant is your orbit. Despite that, there’s still not a day or night I haven’t thought about you. Our story – or should I say, my story – may just someday be an old tale that history can just ignore but the strength of this love, the purity of my intentions for you, I know it’s something that will transcend through time, and this heart will never forget. I love you.

Occhi e Fiori

Sometimes I wish my vision is blurry
So I wouldn’t see you that clear
So clear, too damn clear
That I could see the tiniest pieces of your soul
That no one else bothers to notice
Your imperfections, your scars – they’re pretty deep
Your wounds – they’re painful
But dear, worry not
For to me, they make you even more beautiful
As beautiful as the flowers
You’ve made to grow in my lungs
But even though they’re pretty nice
Dear, I could no longer breathe

You Will Never Know This is Written for You

I am 99% sure you will never know this is written for you.

I like you. I like you a lot. I’ve liked you since the first few days we encountered each other’s soul, since the first time we involuntarily held each other’s hands, since the first moment you looked at me. I like how your eyes disappear whenever you smile. I like how you speak and laugh softly, paired with that calm, gentle voice of yours. I like how you once told me about your impossible dreams in life and how they complement mine. I like you simply because you are you. I guess no matter how hard I try to translate the feeling into words, nothing can give justice to the strength of this so-called infatuation.

Hold on, I guess infatuation is too underrated to describe everything that has been happening inside me. You are my happy pill. My wonderwall. My knight in shining armor. My prince charming. My stress reliever. My joy and my grief.

I secretly watch how your life unfolds — chapter by chapter — hiding behind the wall between us. I discreetly cheer for you whenever you’re up for something you want and silently cries with you during your not-so-good moments in life.

But all of these — you will never know.

You will never know how many times I dreamt of you both when I am asleep and awake. You will never know the tears which flow in my eyes everytime I realize all of these are unrequited. You will never know I like you, so so bad. You will never know because not all things are meant to be told. There are just some things which are better left unsaid and questions which are better left unasked because we already know the answers to them.

By the time I am writing this, I still like you, and I don’t even know if this will ever come to an end. We will never know and I guess life is about uncertainty — that’s the beauty and pain of it.

Nonetheless, I am 99% sure you will never know this is written for you… but, by any chance, reality flips and the other 1% comes true, I would just be right there when you last saw me — that is, if that would matter to you.

Three Faces of Her Unrequited Love

  • The Boy

It’s like a spell has been cast to her — her actions correspond to his laughter.
She dreams of him when she’s asleep but more when she’s awake.
She is the planet and he is her orbit.

  • The Guy

She has all the reasons in the world to fall in love with him — why wouldn’t she?

He has all the reasons in the world to fall in love with another girl — why wouldn’t he?

  • The Man

Falling in love with a random soul you can’t entirely fathom

Is one of the most perilous kinds of love among all — 

Because when the time comes you need to stop loving him

You won’t be able to fathom where to start at all.

Never Ever

You are the book I wish I never opened.

You are the word I wish I never uttered.

You are the song I wish never sang.

You are the star I wish I never caught.

You are the secret I wish I never unraveled.

You are the place I wish I never went to.

You are the dream I wish I never had.

You are the poem I wish I never wrote.

You are the one I wish I never knew.

All the Love in the World

I wish the world
Would take from me
All my love for you
And release it to the wind
Spread it to the ocean
Blow it up to the sky
‘Cos what I feel for you
I took it from the world –
All the love in the world
Now it’s time to give it back
As you won’t take it from me.


You were the train I missed to catch when I was running late for work as I felt tired and stopped walking for a moment.

You were the shooting star in a dim sky I missed to see as I looked up half a second late.

You were the song I missed to hear on the radio because I was busy listening to other stations, hoping they would play you.

You were the call I missed to answer as I accidentally clicked the ‘Reject’ button.

You were the page in a book I missed to read which contains all the sweetest but mysterious words in the world.

You were everything I missed. 
I was never meant to catch you in any way, any version of existence, any fragment of time.
You missed me. I missed you.

The Star I Want The Most

Each time I look at the dim sky, there is this star that captivates my eyes – among all the other stars, it shines the brightest. In a night filled with darkness where I cannot see anything, it glows so perfectly that I’m able to see it. This star radiates an overflowing amount of light enough to guide me to walk through the darkness – there’s never a dark night since I have seen it shining in the sky. For that, I have always loved that star, my favorite star. I want to reach it, go closer to it; I want to witness its magnificent illumination in quite a nearer view. However, as I go closer to it, it just shines very bright, so bright, too damn bright that it hurts my eyes and I cannot open them. Because of that, I have to go farther from it and just watch it from a distance from now on. 
Too bad that it’s blindingly beautiful; too bad that I can no longer look at this star the way I used to look at it before; too bad it is the star I want the most.

If You Could Only

If you could only see how I love staring at you when you’re busy looking at something else – 

If you could only hear how loud my heart beats each time you come closer to me – 

If you could only read the words running through mind and sealed in my lips – 

If you could only have an idea how hard I’ve tried to look away yet I could not take my eyes off you – 

If you could only know that in all these places and faces, you are all I see –

If you could only feel for me what I feel for you –

To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

As flames turn into dust while time passes by, and the pages of my book of life unfold so rapidly as if they are chasing the sun, my vision of you becomes blurrier and blurrier each day – somehow leading me to a sad conclusion that you are non-existent . Do not worry though for I have already saved my heart for no one but you since the beginning of time, for I believe that our paths would cross someday – if not in this lifetime, maybe in another one, in another version of reality, in a different existence. I will see you through.